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Afro Kingz NFT is a collection of 15,000 unique collectibles with references from various kingdoms around the African continent that were carefully curated and presented for the metaverse!


What are Afro Kingz NFTs about?

The Afro Kings collection is of 15,000 artistic pieces that consist of originals from some of the best artists from around the crypto sphere and some programmatically generated items.


The collection consists of Masks that come from different African tribes and kingdoms mixed with various accessories and print patterns in order to create a mix of game avatars, collectibles, and rare items. The community is invited to join the race to take control of the Afro Kingz universe by building the biggest kingdom.




The storyline is set in the pre-unification era in the Metaverse. 200 of the most powerful royals are Raging war against each other for the crown to rule the Afro Kingz Empire that spans the entire continent.

The royals are now in a race to raise the biggest and most well-equipped army.  


The Royals are represented by different masks which have been collected from various African kingdoms from around the continent.  They are core to the African heritage and they represent various aspects of life such as love, wealth, war, life, death, health, wisdom, and spirituality. The masks were used to mark various occasions such as harvests, battles, royal ceremonies, festivals, births, battles, weddings just to name a few.


We have taken all these different aspects and incorporated them into the pieces at various moments. This collection is an invitation for collectors to become the Afro Kingz of the metaverse.


15,000 NFTs

Original Afro Kingz NFTs

15,000 NFTs

Original Afro Kingz NFTs

Fair distribution

There are no price tiers; each Great Brains Club costs 0.02 ETH + gas. The price will be constant throughout the minting period.

Fair distribution

There are no price tiers; each Afro Kingz NTFs costs 16 MATIC + gas. The price will be constant throughout the minting period.

ERC-721 tokens

All the Great Brains are thinking on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

ERC-721 tokens

All the Afro Kingz NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

20 per transaction

You can mint up to 20 Afro Kingz per transaction in the public mint.


Join our Discord and explore the growing Afro Kingz NFTs community

How does it work?

This NFT project is the start of the battle royale blockchain-based Game of Pre-colonial great kings of Africa as they ruled over their land. The Afro Kingz universe consists of 4 layers which include:









Council Members,





Soldier Weapons

Axe, Bow & Arrow, Spears, Cutlass, Daggers, Swords, Bowlass.

Participants are encouraged to build a complete kingdom by collecting a full set which consists of the following:

Once a full set is completed, players will be able to wage war on each other for the ultimate prize… the Afro Kingz empire!


We shall be launching the AfroKingz Soldiers NFT on the Ethereum Chain Main Net.

  1. Queued Mint Pass (to fight bot activity)

  2. Price: 16 MATIC + Gas

  3. First Drop will be 10000 Soldiers + Muda Tokens




What is the total supply?


A total of 2000 unique AfroKingz Soldier NFTs will be created.


When is the launch?


Date to be announced soon


How much does it cost to mint an NFT?


16 MATIC + gas.


Will there be a pre-sale?


We will make sure that active community members will be rewarded.


Have more questions? Come through to our Discord and Telegram to learn more.

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